Share the ball to all players

My words of wisdom when playing recreational games

To the better players, reset the point and work on placement verses hitting winners. Really good players can extend the point to have longer rallies. Hit the ball to challenge your opponents without hitting it so hard that it doesn’t give your opponent a chance on returning the ball. Don’t be condescending by hitting balls that are too easy. 

To the weaker players, hit the ball to the better players so you get longer rallies. It is a lot of fun to have extended points with longer rallies. You will get more exercise, different angles, and more fun all the while you are developing your placement and finesse.  

For club play, be inclusive to all players on the court because they came to play.                                                                                                

When playing tournaments or matches that really matter to you, then hit all balls to the weaker player so you can win. 

By Gregg Whitfield