Weeding at the Courts

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize those that joined me yesterday, or earlier, in making a great start towards controlling the weeds at the courts.  Thanks to Kerry Cox, Patty Crouch, Cindy Gustafson, Anna Harper, Jim Kranzthor, Tom Loganbill, Jeff Mortenson, Bruce Nii, Deanna Straugh, and Lydia Walker.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated! Rich… Continue reading Weeding at the Courts

Instructional Website

Hi Pickleball Friends, My passion for pickleball led me to develop an instructional website. https://www.pickleballshotsandstrategies.com/ It is my heart’s desire to see players at all levels learn the mechanics of how to hit the specific shots and understand the strategies to play an efficient game.  For the price that top pros charge for a one hour lesson, this… Continue reading Instructional Website

Skinny Singles 

Skinny Singles is a drill to emulate actual pickleball play with only two players. It is used by all who play any level of competition. You play this “game” by using only half of the court. Each point starts out with the serve going into the appropriate box and the return of serve is hit… Continue reading Skinny Singles 

How to Develop Your Game With Drills

Here are 4 aspects for the art of drills: 1. Drills are not meant to put the ball away but rather rally the ball. The speed and placement should be incorporated according to the skill level of your drill partners. 2. Work on a specific shot with the technique or mechanics. The partner should feed… Continue reading How to Develop Your Game With Drills